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Once it becomes apparent that your roof is having serious issues, whether it needs to be repaired or replaced, we can offer several options. When you’re researching the best roofers near me, you’ll find that our company stands above the rest in terms of providing excellent quality workmanship, client communication, planning, and residential green roofing materials.

When the time comes to replace or repair or replace your roof, you’ll have a few different options. Some people choose to repair the roof themselves, which can lead to additional issues in the long run. Others will hire a roofing contractor that offers a low price, but cuts corners in the process. This often leads to problems because the roof cannot stand up to the elements.

Roofers Cherry Hills Village, CO: A Company that Cares

Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to repair their roof themselves, which can lead to more issues with your roof over time. Our team of roof contractors is highly trained to take on any type of roofing situation, whether it’s to correct mistakes homeowners have made when repairing the roof themselves, severe hail damage or your roof has simply worn out over the years.

Certified Sustainable Roofers in Cherry Hills Village Colorado

As a top roofing company, we employ a large team of certified, reliable, and highly qualified roofing contractors. When you need the job done right, you need to go with experienced professional residential roofing companies that know the ins and outs of roof repair and replacement. Our skilled team of experts will provide high-quality workmanship, offering services such as
  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • New installations
  • General maintenance
  • Renovation
  • Residential steel roofing

Why chose a Hail-Proof Roofing Product? New Wave can Help you Make the Best Decision when Roofing in Cherry Hills Village

Are you tired of dealing with hail damage every winter? Choosing roof materials that are specifically designed to withstand hail can save you hundreds of dollars a year that would otherwise be spent on costly repairs.

Best Flat Roofers in Cherry Hills Village, with the Highest Quality Products

We specialize in residential flat roofing. There are so many ways a flat roof can be done incorrectly, which can result in water damage, mold, and other problems. If you want your roof done right, choose New Wave, a company that uses the right type of residential roofing materials, and the proper installation techniques, complete with drains that prevent water buildup.

Professional TPO Roofers in Cherry Hills Village

TPO is considered one of the fastest-growing roofing treatments, especially for commercial buildings. TPO is a type of thin roofing material that’s very affordable and durable. This single-ply roofing membrane will cover the surface of the entire roof and can reflect sunlight, which will prevent heat buildup. Our roofing company specializes in TPO installation. If you’re not sure if this type of roof membrane is right for your home or business, we’ll sit down with you and discuss how it works, why it’s considered beneficial for your building, especially during the summer months, and what you can expect in terms of benefits and cost.

Our team of Residential Roofing Contractors

As the leading residential roofing contractors in the state, we have the solution for any type of roof repair, or replacement.

When looking for a Roofer in Cherry Hills Village, Next Wave can Serve as Your Consultant and Partner

If you’re fed up with other companies trying to sell you residential roofing services you don’t need, go with a residential roofing company that has your best interest at heart. Our team of consultants will work closely with you to ensure you’re getting the service you need, at a price you can afford.

GAF Certified, 5-Year Workmanship Warranty

Our company is GAF certified, so we use only the best quality of roofing materials in the world. We also offer a five-year warranty on roof repairs and maintenance, which is something the competition doesn’t. If you run into any issues with your newly repaired roof, or we’ve installed a new roof, contact us immediately, and we’ll schedule a roof inspection ASAP.

Cherry Hills Village's #1 F-Wave Hail-Proof Roofing Installer

Even top of the line hail-proof roofing material will not protect your roof if it’s not installed correctly. Hailstorm roofing materials are durable and can provide that higher level of protection you need if you live in an environment that’s prone to hailstorms in the winter. We have contractors that specialize in hail roofing materials and roof installation.

Next Wave Roofers Install Materials that Protect your Home from Hail Damage Through the Cherry Hills Village Storm Season

Hail can do some serious damage, especially if you don’t have the damage repaired in a timely manner. We specialize in residential re-roofing. We also carry only the best hail-proof roofing materials that are designed to prevent serious damage.

Clean up is Important. Don't pick a roofer that Overlooks the Details!

Contractors are known to leave behind a mess in their wake, but not at Next Wave. At the end of the day, we will clean up the area, making it safe for you and your family to come and go. Many contactors will leave behind tools, roofing materials, and debris. If you want a team of pros that pays attention to even the smallest details, then contact Next Wave.


More About Next Wave Roofing's Services

We won’t drag out a job. Most repairs can be completed the same day, including clean up. Need fast and efficient roof contractors who can get the job done right? Give us a call.

Are you on a tight budget, but your roof is in need of serious repairs or replacement? We carry a wide range of roofing materials and offer a variety of services. We’ll work with you and come up with a plan that works with your budget.

If you’ve worked with contractors in the past, then you know there can be many surprise costs along the way. We’ll sit down with you, discuss the estimate, and go in-depth regarding the costs for services and materials. We will never make changes to the plans or material costs, without first contacting you to discuss these needed changes.

Many clients are surprised to learn that there are roofing materials that are rated as hail proof. If you’re looking for a solution to your ongoing roof issues caused by hail each year, but you’re not sure what your options are, call us today to schedule an appointment. We’ll sit down with you and go over your options while discussing how these materials can protect your roof and home from further damage.

Many clients are aware of the different membrane options and how residential roofing companies carry a variety of products and materials that can lengthen the life of their roof. We’ll educate you on the many options available and discuss which options are right for you based on your roof’s current condition and your budget.

We stand behind our work and because of this, we offer annual inspections that will allow us to come out, check your roof for any damage and needed repairs, and give you the rundown on your roof’s condition.

Our team is here to help. We can handle any type of repairs, whether you need a few shingles replaced, a large area of your roof needs repairs, or your roof must be totally replaced.

As you can see, we stand behind our work. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a roofing company near me that will back their worth with these types of extended warranties. Because we provide quality workmanship and use only the best roofing materials, we’re confident that you won’t have any issues with your new roof from Next Wave.

Hail can cause serious damage to your roof that can lead to mold growth in the home and severe water damage. Don’t be stuck with your old roof for another season, contact us today for a consultation and to learn about our extensive line of hail-proof roofing material options.

We believe in the quality of our work. Each roof will come with a guarantee, depending on the type of roofing materials used. If done right, your roof should last for decades. If you want a team of contractors that offer the best workmanship with a focus of building a roof that will last for decades, then give us a call today!

As you can see, we specialize in a wide variety of roofing materials and types. Our team of certified contractors has years of experience, whether it’s installing a green roof, a synthetic shingle roof, or a flat asphalt roof, we’ll send out a leading contractor that has the knowledge and skills to get the job done right, the first time.

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