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Need a team of licensed contractors that can take care of all of your multi-family housing roofing repair and replacement needs? Next Wave is here for you. We have devoted an entire division of our company to multi-family homes, with experts who have years of experience.  We are confident our team can take on any roofing job, big or small. We can handle any type of multi-family property and will work hard to meet your needs, whether it’s a tight project completion time or a tight budget. We carry an extensive line of roofing materials and service options that will work with any budget.

HOA Multi-Family Expert Roofers

We have a long history of working with home owner’s associations. We are experienced with many of the strict requirements involved during the roof repair or replacement process and believe that client communication is key. Our team will work with any HOA or multi-family property owner to make repairs or install a new roof based on material requirements.

As a company that has years of experience working with home owner’s associations, we know how important it is to use the correct types of materials, otherwise, the HOA insurance may not pay for the cost of repairs or roof replacement. We’ll sit down with you to go over your options and speak with your HOA to ensure we have the correct materials and are up to date with any changes to the approved materials list.

Industry Best Warranty for Your Multi-Family Roofing Projects in Colorado

Too many roofing companies offer five-year warranties. We stand behind our work and offer a twenty-five-year warranty for our multi-family roofing repairs and replacements. This type of extended warranty provides our clients with peace of mind knowing that they’ve chosen a company that stands behind their work. We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship, which is why we offer the best warranties in the state.

Go with a company that believes in its contractors and the high standard of quality workmanship that only years of experience can provide.

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Should You Use Asphalt Shingles on Your HOA Roofing Project?

No. Recent changes made by many home owner’s associations in the state of Colorado have implemented strict restrictions on what type of shingles may be used. As part of an HOA, you should receive a list of the approved roofing materials. If you do not use the correct roofing materials, then the cost of the roof replacement will not be covered by the HOA.

Switching to a Hail Resistant Material Will Save You and Your Tenants Money

A hailstorm can cause significant roof damage. Since these storms are common in Denver, it makes sense that you prepare for the worst and protect your property from the inevitable hailstorm this winter.

Unfortunately, every year, we experience at least three to five of those powerful hailstorms and they can do some serious damage. In fact, the extent of damage caused by hail can cost you thousands of dollars per year, if you own several properties. Making the switch to hail-proof roofing material can provide a higher level of protection against hail damage, saving you time and money. At Next Wave, we carry a wide selection of hail-rated roofing materials that can provide that extra level of protection you need for much-needed peace of mind.


More About Next Wave Roofing’s Services

5-Year Hail Warranty for Your Complex Roofing Project

Hail can do some serious damage. All it takes is one storm and you may be left with thousands of dollars worth of damage. If repairs are not made promptly, then your properties are left vulnerable to the elements. This can lead to additional repair costs related to mold growth and water damage. Because of this, it’s crucial that you take preventative measures to ensure your properties are protected from hail damage before the season starts.

If you decide to make the switch to hail-proof roofing material for your property, then choose a company that specializes in this type of durable roofing material. We offer a 5-year warranty that will guarantee your new roofing material can easily withstand a hailstorm, without the extensive damage you’ve had to deal with in the past.

Multi-family Stone Coated Steel Experts

Stone-coated steel roofing materials offer the same classic beauty of stylish shingles, clay tiles, or slate, but without the high cost. Additionally, they provide a better level of durability, not to mention they require less maintenance. For a fraction of the cost you’d pay for clay or slate, these longer-lasting roofing systems will offer top of the line protection for your home, without all of the disadvantages that come with other, higher-priced roofing materials. We carry a wide variety of stone coated steel roofing material options that will complement your home, providing the type of elegance that you’d get from a shingle or clay tile roof, but at a price you can afford.

Multi-Family Hail Resistant Roofing is Critical in Colorado

In Colorado, you’re no stranger to the harsh winter conditions, which include hailstorms on and off throughout the season. As you probably already know, hail can do some serious damage, even if you’ve recently had a roof installed. In Colorado, in order to protect your roof from serious damage, you need to use multi-family roofing materials that are hail-rated. This means the materials are specifically designed to withstand damage from a hailstorm. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today and we can sit down and discuss the different types of hail-rated roofing materials available, and what you can expect in terms of cost and durability.

Family-Owned Multi-Family Roofing Contractor with Industry-Best Warranties

Next Wave is a roofing company that’s here to stay. We have a strong tie with our community and believe in developing a solid client relationship that often results in repeat business. As a family-owned and operated roofing company in the great state of Colorado, we have years of experience specifically working with multi-family properties. We know that a lot can go wrong with this type of complicated installation, but we have a team of certified multi-family roofing contractors that are more than prepared to handle any type of complex situation by offering a variety of multi-family housing roofing options that will work with your budget. We also offer extended warranties that cover any defects or damage, based on the type of roof repair, materials used, and roof style. So, you can be confident should something go wrong with your new roof, Next Wave has got your back.

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