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For many homeowners, filing roofing insurance claims in Denver, Colorado can seem like a very challenging, time-consuming process that can also feel very intimidating. Most insurance providers want to service their client’s claims properly, but it helps when a client is familiar with the process and finds a reputable roofing service provider they can rely on to write out a very precise, detailed, and accurate estimate of the roofing repairs needed. At times, a roofing inspector may even determine that the roof is not salvageable, so a total roof replacement will be a more cost-effective option. But how do you go about filing a claim with your insurance provider and how can you ensure you get the services you need covered? Let’s find out how you can claim roofing insurance in Denver, Colorado.

Finding the Best Roofing Company in Denver, Colorado

If you’ve recently noticed water damage, or you suspect wind or hail damage to your roof after a storm, then you need to immediately contact our roofing company for a free consultation and inspection. Our team of certified inspectors will come out to your home and survey the damage. If the inspector determines that your insurance company needs to perform an inspection in order to have the damages covered, you’ll contact the insurance provider’s claims department. A claims representative may request a full written estimate from our inspector, in addition to images of the damage.

The claims representative will then schedule an appointment to have one of their inspectors come out to inspect the damage. At this appointment, one of our inspectors can also be present to ensure the process goes smoothly. If you are looking for #1 roofing company in Denver, Colorado then Next Wave Roofing is the best for you.

When Should I File a Insurance Claim?

Many homeowners will put off filing a claim, but doing so can lead to more serious issues, leaving your roof susceptible to further hail and water damage. If you’re not sure that your roof is in need of a total replacement or repairs, then contact our company for a free roof inspection, which will be performed by a trained professional. If our inspector finds damage, he will recommend that you file a claim with your insurance provider.

You will file a claim with your insurance provider’s claims office and notify them that our company has inspected your roof and found evidence of damage. Our inspector will act as your advocate and meet with the claims adjuster. Our detailed estimate of the damages will be given to the claims adjuster and a copy will also be sent directly to your insurance provider. The next step is working out the details in terms of pricing and the repairs needed. This meeting will take place between you, the claims adjuster, and our inspector. A project manager may also be present at this time.

The project manager will be responsible for overseeing all of the repairs or the roof replacement and will be in constant contact with you throughout the duration of the project.

In terms of price, you will only be responsible for paying any pre-selected upgrades and your deductible.

Once our team works out the details and determines what type of repairs are needed, or whether a roof replacement will be a better option, the work will be scheduled, and your insurance provider will be invoiced.

When the project has been completed the insurance company will be responsible for paying our company for the cost of the project, including the warranty.

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If you’re tired of looking at that leaky roof and you’re ready to take action now, contact us today. Our team of experienced contractors, project managers, and inspectors will work hard to ensure you get the repairs or roof replacement your home so desperately needs. We will work closely with your insurance provider and fight for the appropriate repair needs that are necessary.

If you’d like to learn more about the process and would like to meet with one of our inspectors as soon as possible, contact our office today to learn more and schedule your free inspection.

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