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Many modern roofing materials are now rated for hail resistance, with a scale that ranges from one to four. This represents the size of the hail that the contemporary roofing materials are able to withstand. But even the toughest roofs may not be able to withstand a heavy hail storm, so roof damage from hail is possible, especially if you live in a part of the country that has frequent hailstorms. If you’re in need of a hail damage roof inspection, we can help.

Hail Damage Roofing and Insurance Claim experts in Denver

If your roof is now leaking or you feel a draft and suspect hail damage, then you may need to contact your insurance company and file a hail damage claim. If you’ve never filed a claim with your insurance company before, our team can help guide you through the process, to ensure your insurance covers the cost of any necessary repairs. Your insurance company will schedule an inspection and have an inspector assess the damage. Our experienced team of contractors will come out to survey the damage and write an estimate, which you’ll then present to your insurance company.

Our team will know exactly what needs restoration, what can be saved, and what to look for. We’ll provide you with a hail damage roof repair cost estimate that will include a detailed list of the areas on your roof that need repairs and shingle replacement. We work through the same estimating software as all major insurers to work alongside your insurance company when restoring your property, with the only out of pocket cost being your policy deductible.


Next Wave Roofing has a Solution to the Denver Hail problem

Hail damage to roof shingles can pose a serious problem, one you definitely shouldn’t ignore. While you may be unable to see this type of damage from the ground, you can spot loosened granules, which end up in gutter drains. If you notice a large accumulation of granules after a hail storm, then it’s important to contact us to schedule an inspection.

So, how does hail damage a roof? Once these granules have fallen off the damaged portion of the shingles, the harmful UV rays can weaken these exposed spots. During the winter months, these damaged shingles will contract and expand, cracking and splitting. Once it rains, these shingles will allow water in, which can do extensive damage that can lead to electrical issues and even mold growth. Because of this, it’s important to contact us immediately for an inspection regarding shingle replacement and repairs. Your roof may also have serious wear and tear, which can make it more susceptible to hail damage in the future. We’ll create a plan that will include our recommendations for repairs and shingle replacement.

5 Year Hail Warranty for our Next Wave Roofing Systems

If you need your roof replaced, but you’re looking for a more durable alternative to your basic roofing materials, one that’s heavy-duty, energy efficient and designed to last, then let us help. Based on climate conditions and your environment, our team can provide several options for roofing material that can withstand a heavy hailstorm, which will prevent the need for repairs in the future. Even better, our roofing materials are covered by a five-year warranty, so if damage does occur, we’ll send out a team immediately to handle these repairs, which will also include an inspection that will assess the current state of your roof, as we identify damaged areas that need shingle replacement and repairs.

More About Hail Damage & Roof Repair

If you have a family and a full-time job, then you don’t have the time to search for and meet with several roofing companies, check out their credentials, and find one that offers a team of experienced and knowledgeable contractors, or one that offers affordable repairs. We know how busy you are and how life can get in the way. Don’t let a damaged roof interrupt your life. We’ll schedule an inspection and meet with you as soon as possible to provide you with an assessment and discuss the next steps, so your life can stay on track.

If you’ve never dealt with roof damage before, the process of having your insurance fulfill their obligations, and having several different contractors come out and provide estimates can be very overwhelming. Let us help. We will walk you through the process of roofing insurance claims for storm damage, what type of information you need to provide your insurance company, including photos of the damage, and documentation from certified contractors, which includes an estimate for repairs, after an insurance check for roof replacement

As a family-owned company that’s been building, replacing, and repairing roofs for generations, we’ve earned a reputation in the community as a company that cares, and one that works hard to meet the needs of our clients.

In some cases, getting an insurance company to cover the cost of repairs can be a real challenge. Our consultants will take over and deal directly with your insurance company, to ensure they cover the cost of roof damage based on our estimate. Our team of consultants, designers, and contractors have several years of experience, from hail damage roof repair insurance claims to recommending affordable energy-efficient material that will work with your budget.

If your roof has class four shingles, yet they somehow didn’t make it unscathed after a heavy hailstorm, then you may need to consider having your entire roof redone, depending on the extent of the damage, or if you simply want to upgrade your roof so you don’t ever have to deal with the hassle that comes with contacting your insurance company, scheduling inspections, and dealing with a damaged roof that leaks. Even if your roof is made out of class four shingles, damage can still occur, especially if your roofing materials are low-quality. We carry top of the line roofing materials that are covered by a five-year warranty, so you know they’re designed to last.



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