Guide To Hiring A Commercial Roofing Company

The roof is one of the most important components of a building. It is even more important for commercial buildings as problems with the roof could expose valuable products to the elements resulting in damage and disruption of work. Planning and installing a commercial roof can sometimes cause so much hustle and a rise in operating costs for a business. As a guide to commercial roofing, one needs to always remember that such roofs have special requirements in terms of material, design, and the skills needed to install them. Therefore, it is essential that you find the best commercial roofing company for your project to avoid delays, cost overruns, and bad quality jobs. In this guide, we highlight the key factors you need to put into consideration that will help ensure you hire the best commercial roofing contractor.

Insist on license and registration

Before giving any commercial roofing contractor the right to work on your project, you first need to ensure they are certified for the job. This is one of the easiest ways to eliminate fake and incompetent contractors. You should expect a reputable commercial roofing company to have at least proof of registration and a license that allows them to provide such services in a particular area. Ensure that the license is up to date and, if possible, check with the licensing authority to find out if they are a genuine company certified with them. With proper license, you can be assured of getting satisfactory results.

Look for referrals, reviews, and the company’s portfolio

Reviews can help give you a picture of how well the company delivers its services. One of the most effective ways of gauging a contractor is by asking colleagues or former clients about their experience with the company. You can also ask the contractor to provide their portfolio and past projects. Check the expertise of the company and ensure that they can deliver on your type of roof. Some roofing companies may be specialized in certain segments, and this can be an advantage if they offer the services that you need. Investigate past complaints from clients to understand the company’s approach to customer service. Having a few bad reviews is not necessarily bad if the company also has a track record of responding to customer complaints and rectifying the issues promptly. To be more thorough, you can also consult professionals in construction services who can give you guidelines and recommendations on the best contractors for your project. Such consultants will usually require that you provide details about your project, such as cost, timeline, size, and materials. You can then compare the recommended contractors and select the one you feel is the best value for your money.

Turnaround time

Different contractors have different approaches to completing projects. Take note of your timeline and ensure that the company is comfortable meeting the deadline without compromising the quality of the project. A big roofing project should preferably be assigned to a big commercial roofing company, which has demonstratively shown that it has adequate capacity to complete a similar project.

Ask about guarantees and warranties

Most commercial roofing companies should be able to provide you with a guarantee and warranty for the services they offer. A guarantee defines the expected quality of the work and will give you a right to ask them to redo the work if it does not meet the expectations. A warranty specifies the duration of time the finished roof is expected to last before it needs to be repaired or replaced. Some contractors also offer manufacturer warranties, which usually cover the quality material used in the construction. Finding a company with a comprehensive guarantee and warranty policy can save you a lot of costs in the long run.

Keep reasonable budgetary considerations

Poor planning can lead to project cost overruns. Good planning should also entail getting a close estimate of what you expect your project to cost. Carefully evaluate all the bids while minding that you always get what you pay for. If a quotation seems too good to be true, then it probably is, and you might want to evaluate the company further before assigning them the project. Ensure that you are not too blinded by the urge to keep the costs low so that you end up choosing the lowest bidder without careful analysis, which may end up becoming more costly in the long run.

Insist on safety measures and insurance

Construction work, especially one involving a roof, can have risks for workers such as falling objects, falls from high places, and other workplace injuries. Most authorities and regulators will require that construction sites provide safety equipment and insurance for their workers. You need to ensure that the company provides high-quality safety gear and safe working conditions for their workers. You also need to ensure that the company provides its employees with insurance cover against injuries and other risks at the wok site. Lawsuits resulting from poor working conditions and construction injuries can cost the business millions of dollars and hurt its reputation. Ensure you are on the safe side of this and are not held liable by confirming insurance and worker safety procedures are in place. Also, check the safety record of the company and how it handles such cases. While a company can have all the necessary insurance and safety measures in place, it is also prudent to ensure that it does not have an unusually high rate of accidents and insurance claims. Numerous insurance claims are not good for your peace of mind and can sometimes disrupt the project.

Ensure the qualification of teams handling the project

If your project is huge in size, you might need to ensure that the company is well equipped in terms of the number and qualifications of teams who will handle the project. For massive projects understaffing can result in missed deadlines and bad quality projects. Visit the company and ensure that they have hired enough people and that those people are qualified to deliver according to your schedule. You can also monitor the number of workers as the project progresses and request that the company hires more people if you feel they are not on schedule.

If possible, involve the company in the planning phase

Construction projects are never straightforward, and planning and setting of timelines can be affected by many factors. When in the planning phase, you can improve the efficiency of the project by involving the construction company so they can better understand the timelines and expected design. This can help you avoid a situation where the company is unable to meet your expectations due to aspects of your planning that they were not involved in. Involving them in the planning phase also allows you to gauge their competency by observing how they intend to approach your project. A good commercial roofing contractor will give you the best solution that fits your timeline and resources.

Construction material and equipment

Depending on the type of building and business, you might have special requirements in the design, materials, and equipment that will be needed to install your roof. Ensure you specify this and ask them to confirm that they deliver. A good roofing construction company will have a good supply chain that can deliver different types of materials and equipment. Furthermore, you might need to also evaluate that these materials are of good quality. This can be through insisting on certain specifications or brands.

If possible, hire a local company

It can sometimes be difficult to get accurate reviews about a given construction company, especially if it does not have local offices or projects it has been involved in close to you. Hiring a local company can help solve this problem. You can visit and evaluate some of their projects or send professionals to do it on your behalf. Furthermore, you can also inquire from other local clients who have worked with the company to find out their experience and gauge the company’s suitability. Another advantage of choosing a local company is that you can easily visit their offices if you have any queries or wish to get clarification on issues such as claiming warranties and requesting repairs. However, to avoid any bias where you might favor local companies even when there are better non-local ones, ensure you check out at least two other companies who have good reviews but are not in your local area before making a decision.

Finally, don’t give in to pressure

If in doubt of anything, it is best to slow down and analyze the situation carefully. Installing a roof represents a significant investment for most people, and a reputable commercial roofing company will not resort to pressuring you into anything. For instance, if the roof project requires further inspection by other parties such as insurance companies or the government, do not be pressured to start before this happens, even when the company says that they can do the same inspection. Take time to research and understand the different dynamics of the project to ensure that you get the best result for your roofing construction.